Friday, 31 October 2014


 how do you want me?

       corseted as you cant breathe
        with skin pale as you cant bleed
       thin as a barbie...
       lashes too heavy you cant see
       that looking at you
     I  don't see past the view
       you  painstakingly renew
       my dear are a cheap clone
       of plastic and silly-cone droves
Botox enhanced and hydrogen blown
but don't worry my sweet tote
for that is how i took note
and remains the adhesive that we still holds

Friday, 17 October 2014


Slit your throat
and watch red trickle down
the crevice between those towering mounds
-my tower on crumbling days
down fields of black sprouts,
bending to give way- surrendering

watch that firm steady gaze
waver for once -in near defeat
white turn pale red, black dilate glazed
and tears betray fear
as sturdy limbs flail and lax

now those terse lips quiver
pleading to overturn the inevitable
as white congregants turn gay
red cloaks creep slowly over their
saintly facade, filling ancient gaps

i will warm those purpling 
lips with mine and love them
and pretend to give you life
and pretend to perspire in sincere effort

... and for once
be the hero - tragic hero
return from a long forgotten battle
disheveled and unkempt by time and duty
yet victorious and unhurt
...from a duel with you

Thursday, 2 October 2014


miss the luxury of being mad
leaving crimson tear stains on ivory pillows
and canine tattoos on layers of lower-lip tissues

miss the purge of vaporized hurt escaping through my ears
the release on impact of my bare knuckles on a dumb wall
and the verbalized bile escaping the compressor in my tight chest

miss clenching my jaws till my ears ring
the exhilarating numbness of tightening a fist till it turns bloodless
or the perfect slap that manually overrides prior settings

the new I is too busy the distillery
where every thing is bottled and corked