Sunday, 23 February 2014



Sinister thoughts fill the cranium
Seeping, coursing, flooding, overflowing
Sending convulsive sensations down the spine
Those uneasy metacarpals, itching…
To send a calculated one to the jugular
to fossilize  this meaninglessness.

The burden on the tarsals
Mocked by the weight on the soul
The soul stole from the sole in whole
And took far beyond physical
The grim reapers’ bountiful harvest
Hanging indoors from a beam – limp.

The phalanges that cradled… no rocked
Slowly, gently in  rhythm with agony
Then stopped.
Releasing the deadly pill to induce still-ness;
The crumbling down of life processes
That began long ago with the endoskeleton

Monday, 10 February 2014



I feel numb.
pain so intense,
I’m at a loss for words.

It creeps up slowly
with the warm reassurance
Of familiar company.

It caresses
With the cold cynicism
Of a rapist.

It Jabs and bites
Grips firm, tears.
Then holds like a vice. 

It lingers...
Not the snapping of
Fingers nor clenching of
Fists will overthrow
this fit.

Eyes shut tight
tears imploring
jaws clenched hard
head throbbing
snapping heat strings...

Pain didn’t win,
I chose to feel