Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Towering alone, the iceberg

Prickly summit, daring the approacher

to brave the cold exterior

cross seven seas and not shudder

at the imposing build of a 

more-than-self-sufficient loner.

The warm titanic advances

Bearing the sincerest.

Bright lights, giggles, prodigal lovers

Approach the cold adversary

With careless abandon

The foolhardy risk of imminent danger

The unavoidable bruise to the side

The crashing sound of impact

Cracks  forming, spreading

 Tentacles across the cold wall.

The slow thawing process

That is replayed from scratch 

When total strangers become friends

Monday, 24 March 2014


To and fro not needing a hand

Recounting the years, those rocking bands

Cushioned downs that cushion your down

Part, against fears of taking a bow

Out. Many places, could’ve been there

Yet this motion leads nowhere.

 Arthritic joints unable to skirt

No buying time on the black market.

To and fro those loving hands,

Rock the naïve mind serenaded by fairy bands

Pretty eyes large and brown

That send hope rays through the town

Tiny ecstatic limbs kicking the air

 Cant wait to go where those hands were.

Nimble feet can’t wait to squirt

Biding time for the right sunset