Monday, 25 December 2017

A Heart on Empty

I can't tell.
Is this my replay
Or hollow echoes

This tug-and-pull
Of doubt and glee
In the same heart
Gasping for life

Your words could
Make the difference
But what do I make of an
I who have only brought grief

My heart has no fodder
To ignite your love into a flame
And though you are enough for two,
I can't come to love
With my heart on empty

Everything the Light Touches

Come with me
Into the light

Let's be dancing shadows
Gyrating silhouettes
Beating out of sync hearts
Giggling school girls

Come with me
Watch the hills wake
The light penetrate the mist

Come with me
To where the touch
Is gentle
the glow unfading
And everything the light touches
Can be yours

My Patch of Dirt

Ashes to ashes
You are the
That betters my can't-cut-it
Bad on our own
Yet good together

Dust to Dust
You are respite.
For a heart
That is always searching,
You are
The patch of dirt
I call home

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Happy New Year

Happy new year
But we're cynical about the vigil
It’s just another day
We’re impervious to wishes and prayers
They’re just empty words
Our hearts are insulated against hope
Can’t afford another let down

From experience
Optimism doesn't stay the hands of fate
The first few minutes have no bearing
It’s a drop in the ocean of 10000 others
Whether you meet it in at the altar
Or behind a film of smoke
The new year like all news only hits once
Then it’s back to regular clockwork
Indeed only the year is new

But for the sake of those to whom it matters
Let's gift each other a Happy New Year