Saturday, 11 June 2016

I'd Like To Know

I would like to know how it would feel like
to have all of you in me

All of you,
the very essence of you as my man

I'd like to swallow you whole,
suck you up into my being,
take you deeper into my soul
I would want to taste you at the back of my brain,

I want the taste to filter down
the tips of my finger, down my thighs
and to the tips of my toes

Say bebe, is there a way you can stay still when you're in me?
So that I can gather my thoughts
and interpret each sensation

Can you be still so I can watch you
Can you be, for a single moment,
so I etch your love deep into my bones
Can you be still so I thank the Almighty for this beauty I never thought I'd have

Can you be still?
So I'll learn how to hold on to you with my body
and with my soul
and all of me
you can move;
I'll move with you

Post by anonymous contributor